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Dead Man Called for Jury Duty

New Hanover County -- James Dickie's wife received a notice in the mail that her husband needed to report to jury duty.

The problem is that Mr. Dickie passed away 16 years ago.

Gladis Dickie says this isn't new. She regularly receives mail and phone calls for her deceased husband.

The New Hanover County Clerk of Superior Court says the problem may be because of a computer glitch from two years ago and may have caused Dickie's name to be put back into the database.

"When we got the list from DMV, and my understanding and talking with my colleagues and the other clerks around the state, that has happened in every county, because DVM had some computer malfunction in which they dumped most of their database back into the current list," said Clerk of Superior Court, Brenda Tucker. 

According to the New Hanover County Board of Elections website, James Dickie is no longer on the list of registered voters.

Reported by Max Winitz

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