Atkinson Uncertain of Next Mayor

ATKINSON -- The folder for the Atkinson mayor race is empty at the Atkinson Board of Elections office. That's because it seems no one in Atkinson wants to be mayor.

Current mayor of Atkinson, Jack Turner, was elected by write in votes in 2005, but feels it's his time to step aside.

Atkinson is a very small town, only about one square mile with a population of 247.

Last week, the board of elections extended the date to file for mayor to July 25th but no one came forward.

The board of elections says that if no one files for mayor by November, the town of Atkinson will have to write in who they feel should have the position. That decision leaves the door open for anyone to become mayor.

Turner believes voters will make a smart decision about the next mayor even though the winner may only get a handful of  votes.

Turner asks not to write his name on the ballot.

The position of mayor is unpaid in Atkinson. The current mayor says he's made wealthy with thank yous.

Reported by Bernadette Jay