The A-Z Guide to Admissions

Admissions Statement
CFCC operates under an open door policy. This means that the College offers instruction to all adults. So if you are 18 years of age or older, or if you have a high school degree or equivalent, and can benefit from courses and programs offered by our College, WE WELCOME YOU.

While CFCC advises all students to seek a high school diploma or equivalent, admission to certain diploma or certificate programs may be granted without prior completion. Exceptions include students entering the Dental Assisting, Pharmacy Technology, Phlebotomy and Practical Nursing programs; these students must hold high school diplomas or a recognized equivalency.

General Admissions Process

An application for admission must be submitted prior to registration.

Official high school or General Educational Development (GED) Transcript.
An official high school or GED transcript must be sent directly to CFCC from the high school last attended, school which proctored the GED, or state-level GED agency.

Official College Transcript(s)
Official college transcripts from all institutions of higher education previously attended must be submitted to CFCC.

Students are required to take the ASSET test prior to acceptance into a curriculum program. (There is no charge for the test). The ASSET test is used to determine whether students need to enhance their skills in academic areas. Prior college course completion could eliminate this requirement. Students will need to consult with counselors. See the ASSET Placement Test Schedule.
Students and prospective students may take the ASSET Assessment twice (2 times) in twelve (12) consecutive months (one initial test and one retest)

Developmental courses successfully completed at other institutions are not used to meet CFCC graduation requirements; however, those courses may be used in meeting prerequisites and/or placement requirements.

Medical Examinations
A medical history is required for specific program admission or completion. Students are notified of this requirement as applicable to their program of study. Selected programs within the college may require drug screening prior to final acceptance into the program. Contact the Admissions department for further information.

Selective Admission/Health Service Programs
Certain CFCC academic programs have additional entrance requirements. Students applying for admission to those selective admission programs must meet general college admission requirements as well as specific program requirements.

Each of the selective admission programs requires that applicants be a high school graduate or have a GED, meet the minimum placement test scores required for the specific degree program and complete the program application process by the deadline established for that particular program.

Selective admission programs include:

Associate Degree Nursing
Dental Assisting
Dental Hygiene
Nursing Transition
Occupational Therapist Assistant
Pharmacy Technology
Practical Nursing
Radiography and
Speech- Language Pathology Assistant.
Students may view specific program requirements and applications at the links above or visit the Counseling Office for paper copies.

Admission of Transfer Students

Transfer students must complete CFCC's admission requirements.
Credits are transferred from regionally accredited institutions. Courses are transferred that compare in content, quality and credit hours to those offered at CFCC.
Only courses with a grade of C or better will be transferred from other institutions to CFCC.
Credits transferred from other institutions will be denoted on the students CFCC transcript by CT (Course Transfer). Grades achieved at other institutions will not be used in the grade point average computation at CFCC.

Credit gained through advancement placement testing, experiential learning or proficiency testing will not be transferred directly as course work.

Students should submit copies of all transcripts early enough so that evaluation of transfer credit can be completed prior to registering for classes. Transfer credit for those transcripts received during the registration process will be completed by the end of the first quarter of enrollment.
To receive a degree from CFCC, transfer students must complete at least 25 percent of program requirements at CFCC.

Admission of Transient Students
Transient students are those who are admitted and enrolled in another college or university and wish to enroll in CFCC as a full-time students for one quarter. Transient Students must:

Submit a completed CFCC Admission Application
Submit written permission from their home institution to enroll in CFCC
Provide verification of completion of applicable prerequisites prior to enrolling in CFCC courses

Provisional Admission
Students whose official transcripts have not been received by the Admissions and Records Office at the time of registration may be admitted provisionally. All admissions requirements must be met within thirty (30) calendar days from the first day of the quarter. Those students who do not meet admissions requirements within thirty (30) calendar days may be dropped from courses and will not be allowed to register until all admission requirements are met. Provisionally admitted students are required to take the asset assessment prior to registration.

Admission as a Non-Degree-Seeking Student
Students who do not wish to enter degree or diploma programs or are high school students who have special concurrent enrollment permission may enter CFCC as "special credit" students. Students admitted as special credit students may carry only a part-time course load and must have their registration cards approved by a counselor. Special credit students must meet course prerequisites including ASSET testing. Admission as a special credit student does not constitute admission to any curriculum program. Special credit students may attempt no more than 18 credit hours without meeting admissions requirements. Students who exceed this number will not be permitted to register until admissions requirements are met. Students who enter a curriculum program from special credit status, veterans, and Financial Aid recipients must meet all admissions requirements prior to time of registration. Exceptions are programs which do not culminate in a degree, diploma or certificate. Admissions requirements do not apply to these programs.

Admission of Out-of-State Students
Out-of-state students are admitted under the same admission standards as residents of North Carolina. Residency classification for out-of-state students will be determined by the laws of the State of North Carolina. At the time of admission, the Director of Enrollment Management will determine the residency status of the applicant based on the information supplied on the application and any other data deemed appropriate by the Director of Enrollment Management. If the applicant chooses to appeal the classification assigned by the Director of Enrollment Management, he/she must file a written appeal to the Director of Enrollment Management within ten (10) days following the first notification of residency status. The Residency Status Subcommittee of the Judicial Board will review the appeal and make a final determination as to the applicants residency classification.

Applicants wishing additional information about the laws of North Carolina governing residency classification for students should contact the Admissions and Records Office where copies of the law are maintained.

Admission of International Students
The school is authorized under Federal law to admit nonimmigrant alien students. Contact the Director of Enrollment Management for admission procedures.

As of September 1, 1995 CFCC began charging a $2.00 transcript fee per transcript. Students are to receive their first official college transcript free of charge. All others following must have the $2.00 fee paid for in advance of issuance. To receive a transcript, send a letter of request with a signature to Cape Fear Community College/Admissions and Records, 411 North Front Street, Wilmington NC 28401-3993. Include your name, social security number, approximate time of attendance, and the complete address to which you would like the transcript mailed. For more information, please call (910) 251-5152.