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Piles of Debris Growing in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- Problems are piling up in Wilmington. Residents preparing for the peak of hurricane season are cutting down trees and limbs near power lines and their homes, but there's no one to pick up the debris.

Residents tell WECT that workers at the Solid Waste Department are supposed to pick up the piles of limbs left on the side of the road, but those piles are still there, and they're getting bigger.

Officials at the Solid Waste Department say they only have one truck to pick up debris like that, and it's broken. That news has already frustrated residents concerned.

"When I called to inquire about that, I was told that the truck they used to pick that up was broken, and it's been broken ever since. My understanding is that the city has one truck to do it with. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but that's what they told me," said resident Mike Witherspoon.

Officials say they hope to have the truck fixed by some time next week. In the meantime, other trucks will make rounds to pick up the smaller piles of debris and dispose of them.

Reported by Max Winitz

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