Pets Spooked by Fireworks

WILMINGTON -- The Fourth of July fireworks may have left a lot of people delighted, but the loud noises scared plenty of pets, sending some running from their homes.

New Hanover County Animal Control says it's something they often see this time of year. Officials say they've gotten calls about missing pets and even an instance of a dog running loose that got hit by a car. These animals often end up in shelters following the celebrations. That can be prevented with a little planning.

"Think about the season, Fourth of July. There's a lot of animals out there, some running around just to mate. People aren't responsible enough to neuter them as well, so the best way to prevent this is to keep them in your house with you," said Jean McNeil with New Hanover County Animal Control.

McNeil also says these lessons can help prepare pet owners for the hurricane season, which is a good time to make sure an animal has identification on its collar.

Reported by Joe Keiley