Doctor's Office Mysteriously Closes, Patients In the Dark

WILMINGTON-- A doctor's office is mysteriously closed leaving many patients wondering why.

Patients arriving Monday morning for their appointments at the Atlantic Health Clinic were surprised to see a closed sign on the door.  A sign on the door read, "Closed for a family emergency." But many patients were left scratching their head.

"Diabetes, bad heart, arthritis you name it I got it, "says patient Joseph Matthews.  He was frustrated by the sign, and upset that he couldn't see the doctor for his scheduled appointment. Matthews has been a patient of the Dr. D. Wesley Johnson for 7 years, and depends upon the Dr. Johnson's medical care for his survival.

Johnson isn't the only one.  Lynn Smith is out of work on disability, and needs medicine for his back injury. Smith came to the health clinic to see if they were open, and was surprised to see a different closed sign on the office door. "Last week the sign read shut down because of the IRS, it said to call for your medical records but when I called I couldn't get through," says Smith.

Smith and Johnson were only two out of the dozens of people WECT met in the clinic's parking lot, all wondering what had happened. WECT was able to track down where the founder of the clinic lived and went by their home to try and get some answers. No one was home for comment.

However, shortly after leaving, WECT was contacted by the family. They say a family emergency had indeed closed down the clinic. But they were unable to provide an answer as to when the clinic would be reopening.

As for the patients, Johnson and Smith said after a week of no answers, they were going to be forced to find medical care elsewhere.

Anyone needing their medical records can contact the North Carolina Medical Board at 919-326-1100.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara