Sharpe Arrested in Raleigh for Kidnapping and Rape


Rape, armed robbery, and kidnapping-- these are some of the crimes that Omar Sharpe has been accused of committing during a violent 12-day spree that started in Wilmington and ended in Raleigh.

Thrusday, Raleigh police captured Sharpe close to where he had previously kidnapped a woman. Sharpe is charged with kidnapping four women and raping two of them since the alleged spree began on June 16th.

"One of the cases we were dealing with originated in Wilmington, and there will be charges stemming from that incident," said Jim Sughrue of the Raleigh Police Department.

The incident in Wilmington occurred in the parking lot of a convenience store on market and 16th streets. The 28-year-old victim says that sharpe jumped into her car and forced her to drive to raleigh were he subsequently raped her in a wooded area.

Sharpe is now held on 4.8 million dollars bail in Raleigh. Police say he also has a list of criminal charges dating back to May, including domestic violence and breaking and entering.

Reported by Max Winitz