Authorities Reissuing Warning About Underwater Terrorism

WILMINGTON-- The FBI is sounding the alarm once again concerning terrorism and underwater attacks.

Paul Gregory, owner of the Aquatic Safaris diving shop on Wrightsville Avenue, says that an FBI agent recently visited his store and updated Gregory on the alert that has reverberated through the diving community.

Authorities are warning scuba enthusiasts to be very weary of anyone buying unusually large amounts of diving equipment or those seeking unusual types of dive instruction.  Diver propulsion vehicles are especially noteworthy because of their usage for military operations. As for suspicious types of dive training, requests for instruction which enables divers to gain access to sensitive areas near bridges, sewers, and power plants are being targeted.

Store owners like Gregory say they will keep a watchful eye to insure customers and students are purely diving for recreational purposes. He says,"Sure, I'm glad to help out my country by keeping an eye on this stuff."