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Non-Profit Restaurant Opens in Bolivia

BOLIVIA -- Eating at a new restaurant in Brunswick County might give you more than a full belly. It could give you a full heart.

Elisa's Caribbean Pot is a non-profit restaurant now open in Bolivia near Highway 17. It's a first of its kind venture in Brunswick County. The owners will donate their net proceeds to charity.

The restaurant opened around lunchtime Tuesday, and its cozy confines quickly became busy.

Owner Ray Wood says he's already received a postive response from area charities.

"Yeah, I've had a few charities leave me brochures already, so we're looking over them. I have a board as well, so we'll determine the different criteria, but we most want to help homeless people and single women who are battered. That's who we want to donate to," said Wood.

The menu is a little different each day, with two choice of meats and vegetables rotated daily.

Reported by Joe Keiley

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