Postal Carrier Honored for 22 Years of Service

Cornelius Meyer
Cornelius Meyer


A Castle Hayne man trekked through the area everyday for years delivering the mail, but the post office made a special delivery for him Wednesday.

Cornelius Meyer, 84, worked as a rural postal carrier for 22 years before retiring in the 1970s. Meyer was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation Wednesday by the postmaster for his years of service. Meyer says there was once only one route through Castle Hayne, and that was his.

"It was an enjoyable experience. Made a lot of friends, still have a lot of friends. What scares me now is when I see the gray-haired ladies, and I can remember when they graduated from high school," Meyer said.

Meyer's father may have been his inspiration to become a postal carrier. His father began delivering mail in Castle Hayne in 1915.

Reported by Joe Keiley