Police, School Officials Receive Safety Training

WILMINGTON -- Local school officials are taking steps to make sure the halls are safe for their students.

The National Threat Assessment Center hosted a seminar Wednesday morning at the Minnie Evans Art Center.

Police and school officials learned how to prevent violent acts from occuring in schools.

Speakers included retired police officers, as well as members of the U.S. Secret Service.

Pender County School Superintendent Dr. Ted Kaniuka was at the event and says his schools are prepared.

"We have law enforcement come in and educate our staffs. We have random drug screens. We have police dogs coming in. We practice lockdowns two to three times a year in all of our schools, so we are prepared. We take those things just like you would with a fire drill or anything else. To some people, that's highly unlikely, and yes, we hope that never happens."

Reprted by Max Winitz