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Day Two: Sheriff Hewett Still Not Testifying

RALEIGH -- The Grand Jury hearing focusing on Sheriff Ron Hewett is taking place behind closed doors in the federal courthouse in Raleigh. On Thursday, the second day of the hearing, Hewett was still at his office in Bolivia, just as he'd been Wednesday.

Two weeks ago, Hewett, along with dozens of his deputies, supporters and acquaintances, were subpoenaed to testify or turn over financial records.

Hewett was supposed to testify Wednesday or Thursday. Now officials say it's unclear as to exactly when he will testify.

State investigators want to see records of Hewett's office and campaign finances. Boxes of those documents arrived on day one of the hearing, but officials say it's going to take more time to gather all the information. That could delay things. The hearing was originally supposed to last two days, but the proceeding could now be stretched out for weeks or even months.

Although it's unclear when, Hewett is still expected to testify before the Grand Jury. The reason for the investigation remains as mysterious as before.

Reported by Sarah Warlick

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