Judge Orders Paris Hilton Back to Jail

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Paris Hilton was taken from court screaming and weeping Friday after a judge ordered her to return to jail -- and said he never approved the decision to release her from jail in the first place.

The judge says the hotel heiress must serve out her entire 45-day sentence for a parole violation in a reckless driving case. Hilton cried and shouted "It's not right!" and called out to her mother in the audience.

Sheriff's officials cited an undisclosed medical problem when they let her go home Thursday to serve the rest of her sentence in home confinement.

At Hilton's hearing today, the judge was calm but apparently irked by the developments of this morning, when it appeared for a while that Hilton wasn't going to have to show up for the hearing.

The judge says he left the courthouse last night having signed an order for Hilton to appear for the hearing, but then heard a radio report that he had allowed her to phone-in from home.

The order for Hilton to appear created a wild scene outside her home, where she cried after she was placed into a black-and-white patrol car.

The car then away from her home with lights flashing as news helicopters pursued, broadcasting live TV coverage.

Associated Press