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Consider This: Carolina Kids

We just added a feature to our newscasts. It's called "Carolina Kids" and it's produced by Kim Ratcliff.

These kids are the "waiting children" of the Children's Home Society of North Carolina. They're waiting for adoptive families who will provide them a permanent, safe and loving home.

The Children's Home Society has served families for more than a century, and has placed more than 13,000 children into adoptive homes, but there are still more than 3,300 children waiting for a family. Twenty percent of these children are between 13 and 18 years old, and we just discovered there's a void in the foster care system. When these children turn 18, if they haven't been adopted, they "age-out" of foster care. No services are available to them. They're 18, alone and on their own. The vast majority of them would like to go to college, but have no resources to get there. Many of them are homeless.

So we're hoping you'll watch their stories, go to the website to read their profiles and learn about adoption, and, if you have room in your heart and are willing to make a lifelong commitment to a child, adopt one of these Carolina Kids. You'll change their life, and yours will be richer for it.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think.

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