Consider This: Cell Phone Karma

I've been accused of being anti-cell phone this past week. I love cell phones. Mine's made me very productive. I can't remember what life was like without one.

It's not the cell phones I have a problem with; it's irresponsible cell phone users.

You know, the people who can't drive for five minutes without making a call; the people who text message or check e-mail while they're driving; the people who always forget to put their phone on vibrate during meetings or shows; and the people who take calls in restaurants and talk loud enough for everyone in the dining room to hear.

Those folks need to be careful. "Cell phone karma" will eventually get them.

Avoid "cell phone karma." Dial responsibly. Focus on driving when you're behind the wheel, not your cell phone. Put it on vibrate or turn it off when you're in a performance or a meeting. Get up and leave the dining room if you get a call in a restaurant.

A little cell phone safety and courtesy will go a long way. That's what we think. Tell us what you think!