Stamp Costs Go Up, Again

WILMINGTON -- You'll have to shell out a few more pennies to mail that love letter.

The price of first-class postage stamps has increased to 41 cents, effective Monday. That price is valid for one-ounce letters; each additional ounce will cost 17 cents.

First-class large envelopes will cost 80 cents for the first ounce and 17 cents per additional ounce. Priority Mail flat-rate boxes are $8.95 and Priority Mail flat-rate envelopes are $4.60.

But don't worry if you dropped something off yesterday, postal officials say.

"It will be OK. I think we have a couple days leeway. So it will go through with 39 cents," said David Carbajal, manager of the downtown Wilmington post office.

There is a new option if you're tired of buying new stamps every time there is a rate increase. It's called the Forever Stamp and it will remain valid despite any future increases.

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