Riding in Style

WILMINGTON -- You see them everywhere when you're on the road -- personalized license plates.

The plates are creative and innovative, each with a purpose and story of its own.

We searched high and low for the most creative tag in Wilmington, and it's evident the creative juices are flowing.

There's everything from LV2QWLT to SPUNKY T to WOMPRAT to BLOTTO 1. But what's the story with BLOTTO 1?

"Blotto means someone who is really drunk, it's a normal word in the English dictionary, and it was funny because I don't drink," said Sridhar Varadarajan, the owner of the plate. "I've never been stopped by a cop because I was drunk or anything like that."

Businesses have gotten into the act -- using the plates as a cheap advertisement.

"To fit in with the signature car, they got us a signature license plate, and it just fit in with the whole theme of the company," said Rhonda Jones of Great Clips.

But if you want to stand out or speak out, it will cost you an additional $30.

Reported by Bernadette Jay

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