UNCW Urges Caution With Cigarettes


-- UNCW officials are trying to prevent brush fires by urging students and staff to be careful of how they get rid of cigarette butts.

A school wide e-mail went out Monday warning everyone not to toss cigarette butts into dry brush on campus. The university says there have been a few small fires sparked by cigarettes recently, and they don't want to see any more.

With conditions as dry as they are, some students are hoping smokers continue doing what they should, which is tossing the butts in proper places.

"You have to be socially conscious enough to put out your cigarettes. I don't smoke, but for those who do, I hope they realize they need to put out their cigarettes where they can put it out," said student Bret Patterson.

Conditions are ripe for brush fires across the area because there hasn't been any significant rainfall since mid-April.

Reported by Joe Keiley