McIver's Family, Friends Gather for Wake

WILMINGTON -- On the one-week anniversary of Phillipe McIver's death, his family and friends gathered for a wake, just hours after Mayor Bill Saffo called a meeting to put an end to rumors about the incident.

Authorities did not release any new information about McIver's death at the meeting, which was attended by Saffo, the district attorney's office and Wilmington police. Instead, the goal was to let community leaders know they're needed to help keep the peace in the city.

Wilmington police say they want to improve relationships and keep the community informed of the facts surrounding McIver's death.

"This has been a volatile situation, it's been a very sensitive situation," Saffo said. "And we just want to make sure the community knows what the facts are to date with the SBI investigation, and I think we had a lot of good comments today in getting that out."

Rev. Robert Campbell agreed the meeting was positive.

"I don't think anybody is blaming the police force or even blaming the young man. We're waiting for the facts. I think it was a good step in understanding what are the facts and then we'll deal with it," he said.

McIver's family is urging people upset about the incident to remain calm at the wake and at the funeral, which is scheduled for Friday.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson