Red Light Cameras Snap Shots at New Intersections

WILMINGTON -- You may have noticed a red light camera at 17th Street and College Road and another at Market and 17th streets. But the cameras aren't new. The city is just shifting the current cameras to trouble spots around town.

City officials believe the red light program is achieving its goals, and plan to move the cameras each time they feel an intersection has improved.

More than 21,000 motorists in Wilmington were fined $50 each for getting caught on camera in 2006.

A ruling in the state appeals court says 90 percent of the red light camera proceeds should go to schools. The case is now pending in state Supreme Court.

Charlotte has already gotten rid of their program, and Wilmington officials wonder if they'd do the same, considering they'd be on the hook to convince taxpayers to foot some of the bill to pay the schools.

Now the city is weighing cost versus benefit, and waiting like a frustrated driver sitting at a long red light.

Reported by Joe Keiley