Family: McIver's History Not Relevant to Shooting

WILMINGTON -- Thursday night, two police officers responded to Princess Place Drive after several 911 callers reported a man walking naked in the street.

When they arrived, police say, the officers found Phillipe McIver in the road wearing only a T-shirt. It wasn't the first time McIver faced police, but his mother says his criminal history should have nothing to do with the deadly shooting that happened next.

McIver faced numerous drug possession charges over the past six years, though many were dismissed by the district attorney. He was convicted for assault on a female, and had a run-in with police officers on his 23rd birthday -- three days before the deadly shootout.

The two officers are on paid administrative leave because of the incident. Preliminary autopsy results show McIver was shot multiple times.

McIver's family says his criminal history has nothing to do what took place Thursday. They have many unanswered questions and say judgment should not be passed until the investigation is complete.

"His trouble, his past ain't got nothin' to do with his death now. I ain't worried about that past, and whatever the policeman say he said. But I'm sayin' what matters to me now is what happened to my son now," said Felicia McIver, Phillipe's mother.

In an exclusive interview with WECT News, Felicia McIver said she just wants to know the details from Thursday night. The family remains steadfast in their belief police could have handled the situation without killing McIver.

"If he seen he was distraught, take that taser, tag his (backside). He'd still be here today," said Teddy Batts, McIver's uncle.

And though there have been reports of violence in the neighborhood related to the shooting, McIver's family says they'll stick with non-violent methods of dealing with McIver's death.

"We can fight in the courtroom. We don't need to fight in the street," Batts said.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson