Shooting Victim's Mother Speaks Out

Felicia McIver
Felicia McIver

WILMINGTON -- After family and friends of Phillipe McIver marched in protest Monday night, McIver's mother said she is being patient in her search for answers.

The 23-year-old man was killed Thursday on Princess Place Drive during a shoot-out with Wilmington police.

Some of McIver's family members, NAACP leaders and Wilmington pastors met with Police Chief Ralph Evangelous and District Attorney Ben David on Tuesday to discuss the investigation. Family members who were at the meeting say it reassured them this isn't being swept under the rug, but they still went forward with the march in memory of their loved one, in hopes of getting answers.

"We hoping and praying it will come out, that's what we're hoping, that everything will come out in the wash," said Teddy Batts, McIver's uncle.

The march included a moment of silence to remember McIver, but family members say they will continue to be vocal until they know exactly what happened Thursday night.

It began at about 11 p.m., when officers responded to several 911 calls about a man in the road acting strange. Police found McIver in the road, wearing only a T-shirt.

They say McIver got one of the officer's guns out of his holster and fired at him. The other officer returned fire.

Monday evening, the marchers said they want to know if the officers followed procedure and whether they tried non-lethal methods to detain McIver before firing.

Felicia McIver echoed those questions.

"They had a lot of methods they could have used, he ain't big as a tick, and they did my boy like that," she said. "They gotta answer to mama, because mama is coming, mama has questions and I'm being patient, I'm being very patient, but mama is coming."

Felicia McIver and her daughter, Nichelle looked through photos Monday evening as they reminisced about Phillipe.

"My son was a fun person, he's like a clown. When there is nobody that could make you laugh, Phillipe could make you laugh," she said.

Felcia urges those who are upset about the shooting to let the investigation move forward.

The family will have a wake for McIver on Thursday evening. His funeral is Friday.

The State Bureau of Investigations is expected to release more on the case within the next two weeks.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer