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Proposal Would Limit Cell Phone Use

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- People do a lot of things behind the wheel in addition to driving -- listening to music, sneaking a bit to eat, or, more often than not, chatting on their cell phone.

Now the state general assembly is discussing several bills that could form a state law designed to stop cell-phone related wrecks. Brunswick County officials are pushing to get it passed.

"This new law would reduce the flipping and opening. And save lives," said District Attorney Rex Gore.

A state law passed last year prohibits cell phone use while driving for children younger than 18.

Brunswick's Child Fatality Prevention Team is behind the new law, after the group determined two teenage deaths in recent years can be blamed on cell phone use.

The new bill would mean drivers couldn't hit the road with their cell phone unless they had a headset or other hands-free device. The people we spoke to say they'd accept the idea, even if it took a little getting used to.

County officials hope residents join them in saying to legislators, "Can you hear us now?"

Reported by Joe Keiley

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