Jordan Admits to Soliciting Bribe

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- Trey Jordan won't serve time in jail, but his time serving the public appears to be over.

Jordan, a former Wrightsville Beach police officer and former town alderman, admitted he took a $2,500 bribe from town resident Rhett Taber to help Taber with an issue before the town.

The exchange of money, which happened while Jordan was an alderman, cost Jordan more than he probably ever imagined.

A judge sentenced Jordan to a suspended sentence for three years and supervised probation. He also lost his license to be on any law enforcement agency.

The felony charge for soliciting bribes will put an end to his political career.

In court, Jordan apologized to the judge and the town of Wrightsville Beach.

The judge also ordered that he pay the $2,500 back as a fine that will go towards the school board.

Jordan says he's leaving the area, and plans to move to Maryland.

Reported by Kim Gebbia