Wilmington WWII Veteran Laid to Rest

WILMINGTON -- Ninety-year-old Dorothy Willett never thought she'd see the day her husband, James Willett, would get a proper burial. Saturday, 60 years after his death, the World War II sailor was finally given a military burial and headstone.

James Willett died after his ship was destroyed by a German plane.

James and Dorothy were only married for a short time, but their love kept her a widow for life. She never remarried, and 64 years later, sitting before her husband's grave at a military ceremony, the emotions were overwhelming.

As the military honored his death, the legacy of his short life surrounded him: a group of great grandchildren, cousins and a son he nver knew.

Dorothy sent her husband a letter to tell him she was pregnant, but it was returned, unopened, after his death.

Even though Willett missed out on a lifetime with his wife, she says on days like Saturday, she can feel him with her.

Reported By: Kim Gebbia