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The Party's Over

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A pat on the back and a homework pass are all many local students will get after reaching their reading goals. It's a less tasty, and less greasy, reward than many may remember getting as students.

The days of pizza, candy and other junk food rewards are being traded for bookmarks and an hour sitting at the teacher's desk.

Fast-food sponsored reading programs, like Pizza Hut's "Book It," are banned in New Hanover and Brunswick counties already. Now they're cracking down on teachers bringing in food rewards as well.

Just last month, a teacher in Brunswick County was scolded for planning a McDonald's lunch to reward her students. Officials say it could not only taint their reason for reading, but also keep their cafeteria from getting federal funds.

But though reading for your own personal pan pizza may be a thing of the past, the students are find with the change. They're happy enough with a night off from homework, a chance to sit behind the teacher's desk, and, of course, a good book.

Reported by Kim Gebbia

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