Houses Help Wounded Warriors Heal

JACKSONVILLE -- Two hundred Marines returned Thursday night to Camp Lejeune from Iraq. Most are coming home healthy, but many others have already returned wounded.

The base has a barracks for wounded warriors to heal with support from others who are also hurting. But there was no place for the families to stay, until now.

Thursday, base officials unveiled two houses for the families of wounded warriors. For Alisha and Navy Corpsman James Graham, it's another tool in their healing process.

In December, a mortar attack sent shrapnel flying into James' neck, damaging his hearing and nerves.

Alisha Graham remembers how terrified she was when she found out.

"They told me he was injured, it was really scary," she said.

She was stuck wondering how she was not only going to care for her sick husband, but also financially support their family.

"I was wondering how I am going to do this, and where I was staying was not suitable for him," she said.

The couple got their answer Thursday, when Hope for Warriors gave them a home. The houses, for the families of injured servicemen and women, is the beginning of a much larger vision.

"We knew this need needed to be met. It provides a healing opportunity," said Robin Kelleher of Hope for Warriors.

It's an opportunity for Alisha and James to stay together while he heals, with the support of other families going through the same challenges.

"The way I sent him off is not the way he came home, but I still love him," she said.

Alisha says she no longer fears the future, because she believes the country James served will support him in this new battle.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara