Accused Killer Appears Defiant in Court

NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- Sharod Johnson appeared in public Monday for the first time since his arrest for the murder of a convenience store owner.

Johnson appeared defiant as a judge told him he's accused of the cold-blooded killing of 27-year-old Mohammad Abdel-Hamid.

The victim's father cried openly as he spoke to us about his beloved son.

"I miss everything about him, he was a lovely boy - very close to the family," said Ayoub Abdel-Hamid.

It's been nearly three months since police say Johnson walked through the door of the M&M Food Mart and, in a matter of seconds, changed a family's life forever.

"He took our sweetest boy, he destroyed a whole family," Abdel-Hamid's father said.

Johnson appeared to sneer at our camera after hearing the first-degree murder charge. He's also charged with armed robbery and assault of a 12-year-old.

On his way out of court, Johnson brushed off his shoulder, in what could have been a street sign for "no big deal."

But to Abdel-Hamid's family, it is more than just a big deal.

"I hope they give him the death penalty," he said.

However, that possibility is years away. First, Abdel-Hamid's family will have to endure what is almost certain to be a painful trial.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara