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Consider This: Safe Surrender

An innocent child was buried this week in Warsaw. The baby was only a few days old when it was abandoned on the porch of an uninhabited home. Thankfully, a number of caring residents and businesses donated their time and services to give the newborn a proper burial.

This was the second baby death of this kind this month in Southeastern North Carolina. Another baby was found in a trash bin in Rocky Mount February sixth.

Why would a parent do this? There are options available to people who find themselves in circumstances where they're unable to care for a newborn. In North Carolina, we have the Safe Surrender Law. Passed in 2001, it allows a woman to surrender a newborn to a responsible adult, legally and anonymously. The surrendering parent is not required to give any identifying information.

The goal is to have the baby adopted into a safe and loving home as quickly as possible. Information about Safe Surrender can be found by logging on to, calling 1-800-FOR-BABY or, in an emergency, calling 911.

Safe Surrender is not the only option. Another is turning the child over to the County Department of Social Services for placement with a licensed adoption agency. Either way, the infant will be raised by loving parents, and that's the way it should be.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think.

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