Waist Watchers: Joe Keiley

WILMINGTON -- With doughnuts every Friday, the smell of fast-food constantly wafting through the newsroom and the lure of the candy machine always nearby, working in news can be a food temptation landmine.

But WECT reporter Joe Keiley has been working hard this month to avoid the junk food, and he's come a long way in just a few weeks.

Keiley's a former soccer player and athlete, so his trainer says he'll snap back into shape easily. Seven weeks into our Waist Watchers resolution crackdown, Keiley says he can definitely feel a difference.

But the journey of weight loss and workouts was not an easy one. It took only two days before we caught Keiley taking a bite of forbidden fruit: a McGriddle.

But he wised up quickly after that, learning that it wasn't just Kim Gebbia or the WECT newsroom watching him. It was all of Wilmington.

Now, with just days until the final weigh-in, Keiley says he is ready to step on the scale and keep up the healthy lifestyle.

Reported by Kim Gebbia