Statement from Kid Cam Preschool

It is very disappointing to both myself and the rest of the Kid Cam Family (parents, children, and staff) that you found it newsworthy to use an unfortunate stage in our lives to gain attention for yourself. Many businesses suffer times in which they are not in as good standing financially as other times...temporary ups and downs that we all move past. What has the world come to when there are those of us, such as you, who seek to make an already difficult situation - more difficult, hurtful and humiliating? It's a shame to all of us that you can not use your avenues of communication to help others versus cause them detriment.

There are so many things that you do know know, nor did you take a decent amount of time to find out; such as that neither one of the persons you spoke with currently work for this facility and were disgruntled x employees, also, that the teachers here are paid wages that compare in the top 90% to what other NHC childcare facilities pay. You also conveniently left out how thoroughly happy the children and parents are who are a part of our family due to the fact that they are so loved and so taken care of.

However, I am going to decline your two calls (one Friday and one today) to speak with me, the reason of course being that I do not trust anyone who would find enjoyment in bringing further discomfort to ailments that are trying so hard to be healed. Instead, I will spend time where it would be most useful and appreciated --- with the children and parents of this facility. Please leave us alone...this drama is intimidating and stressful to the children.


Michelle K. Willis

Kid Cam Preschool, Inc.