Waist Watchers: Rosie Guednar

WILMINGTON -- Being a new mother comes with a lot of new things: new responsibilities, new priorities and, sometimes, a new, larger pant size.

New mom Rosie Guednar has all three. She says keeping up with the constant needs of her newborn means she's not keeping up with herself.

"I gained 70 pounds. It came off in the beginning, now there's just that stubborn 20-25 pounds," she said.

And the Marine wife has had it tougher than many. Her husband was deployed for the last part of her pregnancy, and the first few months of motherhood.

She says she's always struggled with fluctuating weight, and she's scared if she doesn't lose this weight now, she won't lose it ever.

Now she's hoping WECT Waist Watchers can help, and that whatever breast feeding and eating right won't do, a personal trainer and a stringent workout plan will.

As a former triathlete and marathoner, she knows the dedication it will take. Plus, she knows every pound has been worth it.

"I have my baby to show for it, so I don't feel like I've been sitting around on the couch all day, which makes me think I can get it off quicker," she said.

She is learning to balance baby time and body time, so she doesn't have to use the baby to explain the body anymore.

Reported by Kim Gebbia