Bar Owner Happy to be Alive

Danny McLaughlin
Danny McLaughlin

CAROLINA BEACH -- On bar owner is very happy to be alive, after police say they thwarted a plot to have him and two other people killed.

James Yuratovich appeared in district court Thursday, charged with conspiracy to solicit first-degree murder. Police say he tried to hire a hit man to have Danny McLaughlin shot in the doorway of his home.

McLaughlin said it all stems from an incident about six months ago at the bar he owns, The Fat Pelican.

"Last time he came in here, he had a knife," McLaughlin said. "We had him arrested for that, sent him to court and he was guilty for that."

That's when police say Yuratovich began plotting to have the bar owner killed. But he hired the wrong men to do the job: two undercover FBI agents.

Now Yuratovich is in jail on a one million-dollar bond, and authorities say more charges are on the way.

And apparently McLaughlin wasn't the only man Yuratovich wanted dead. According to a search warrant, Carolina Beach police Lt. Bill Goodsen and one additional unknown person were also on Yuratovich's hit list.

Reported by Kim Gebbia