Waist Watchers: Alton Owen

WILMINGTON -- WECT challenged four people to lose weight as part of our Waist Watchers Challenge. One member of the team is 49-year-old Alton Owen.

Owen was a college basketball star, but after a serious injury, he lost his bounce to stay in shape.

"I broke my foot... it just broke," Owen said. "I didn't come back.

That is, until about six months ago, when he saw his muscles and health deteriorating.

"I knew it was happening, it was time," he said. "As the weight crept up, the energy level went down."

Since this summer, Owen has lost about 40 pounds, but now he's hit what trainers call a workout wall. He's got to push it up a notch if he wants the pounds to continue to come off. So he decided to join WECT's Waist Watchers, not just for his waistline, but for his two children.

He hopes to get down to about 200 pounds by the Feb. 28 weigh in, and he wants Wilmington to know: If he can do it, so can you.

Reported by Kim Gebbia