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Consider This: Sunday Hunting Follow-Up

As expected, we received a number of responses to last week's commentary about lifting the ban on Sunday hunting. And, like the WRC's survey, the responses leaned more heavily towards keeping the ban in place.

Those opposed wrote things like, "During deer season we are restricted from enjoying our own land...six days of the week.  The only day we feel we can safely walk our dogs is Sunday," and, "I can walk on the beach while you are fishing and not have to worry about you killing me, but I cannot walk in the woods or even my yard in the country and not worry about a bullet."

Those in favor of lifting the ban wrote, "If people can fish on Sunday, drink on on Sunday, and do pretty much anything else on Sunday, why should they not be allowed to hunt on Sunday?" One writer sent me the link to the entire 334-page WRC report, and quoted a different set of survey results showing that a greater number of licensed hunters opposed lifting the ban, accusing us of using different statistics to support our position.

Frankly, we don't have a position on this. Our purpose, on this question, was to raise awareness that it's being discussed in the legislature, and if the results are important to you, you should let your local senators and representatives know how you feel. That's what we think. Tell us what you think.

Read the WRC survey here

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