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Viewer Responses: Sunday Hunting

Viewer Responses: HUNTING ON SUNDAY?  


I can sympathize with the hunters who put a lot of money into their gear, license etc., but can only get off of work to hunt one day per week.  I think that if Sunday hunting was allowed, it would quickly become a non problem. 

On the flip side, I always liked to have one day that I could walk in the woods without worrying that someone with a 30:06 would mistake me for a deer.  Even wearing an orange hat isn't a certainty, because 1 person in 100 can't see the color orange.  It's a sad fact that most of the ones who can't see orange are out hunting.

I would allow Sunday hunting with two provisions.  Shot guns only, and no dogs.  I don't believe that religion should even be a factor.  What about the Jewish community, 7th Day Adventist, etc.  Sunday should be a day for the people and not for religious zealots.


Boiling Spring Lakes


i have hunted for 45 years in this state and think that you should be able to hunt on your own land if you desire.anyone who pays property taxes should be able to hunt on that property.


In your presentation of the findings of this study I feel that you have presented just enough information to lead viewers to believe that hunters supported legalizing Sunday Hunting.  The following excerpt from the Executive Summary of the report, which can be found at


"Although licensed resident hunters who responded to both the telephone survey of citizens and the mail survey of hunters were about evenly split on the issue, adjusting the data to account for nonresponse bias resulted in 38% of hunters expressing support for legalizing hunting on Sunday and 53% of hunters opposing legalization."

As this was a scientific survey, this statistical adjustment is a necessary part of reporting the results.

Your statement:

"49 percent indicated they wanted to change the law, while 45 percent said leave it the way it is. "

turns the scientific result around seemingly to support your own view.

In 2006, I attended the Public Hearings held in District 2 and District

4 on the subject.  These districts cover the majority of the WECT viewing area.  These annual public hearings, where changes in fish and wildlife rules are presented, are attended primarily by hunters.  At each of these two, there was overwhelming support for a continued ban on hunting.  As you have stated, the Legislature directed the Commission to do the study and report the results to them, which they have done.

Also, as you have stated, since it is a law rather than a Commission rule, it can only be changed by the legislature.


Wilmington, NC


Thank you for bringing this issue out to the public.  I am ashamed to admit that I did not know that this was being considered nor did I know that there were only 11 states banning hunting on Sunday.  I can't understand how so many people can be so tolerable of this intrusion in their lives.  We should at least have one day a week where we do not have to endure the sounds of guns blasting around us, hunting dogs running across our yards and pastures, barking and upsetting our animals and trucks turning around or driving thru our yards chasing that illusive Buck; not to mention that half starved dog with all of it's ribs showing.  In the country where hunters are lined up on both sides of the highway and sporting whatever firepower they use, it is a welcome relief on Sunday not to have to maneuver thru them when traveling.  Not to mention the worry, when you see 6 to 10 trucks lined up on the shoulder of the road, they might get a little excited and shoot into your vehicle.  Granted, we do need them to help control the deer population but a break on Sunday is justified.

As to how it compares to fishing?  I've yet to have a fisherman run thru my yard with his truck chasing a bass or trout, nor had to go out in the cold and catch his hunting dog at 2 AM to calm my animals - which aren't allowed to roam free because it's not safe.

Perhaps the fishing doesn't bother me because I only live around the rivers inland and am not bothered to the extent that the beach areas would be.  Maybe I'm the one bothering them and don't realize it?

And, maybe they're the ones blocking the roadways and turning circles in my yard?

Thanks again for the enlightenment. Rosa


If the law was changed and hunting was allowed on Sunday's, what would all those manly men do about their football games and racing shows? How can any man fit it all in.

Although, I believe Sundays should be set aside for worship, families and rest; I'm concerned about most men having difficulty  finding time for those things with the added distractions of being allowed to hunt on Sundays as well.

I firmly believe there are plenty of laws on the books that date back 100 years or more, that probably need more attention from our law makers than this one does. Your thoughts?


*************************************************************************************I just had to respond to the hunting on Sunday!  It is not all about religion!  Think about this....I moved from Wilmington, and I am a native Wilmingtonian.  My husband is from Sampson county which is one of the largest counties in our great State, and where we now live.  But I really didn't know about hunting until I moved here and listen to it.

We need one day a week to walk with our children and our grandchildren in the woods without orange hats and vests worrying about getting shot.  I can walk on the beach while you are fishing and not have to worry about you killing me, but I cannot walk in the woods or even my yard in the country and not worry about a bullet.  Also, you can fish in a pond next to my Church and I won't hear you, and you won't disturb me.  However, if you fire a gun, I will hear you and you will disturb me.

Please think about this the next time you give a commentary.  If it is dove season, you can plant a field of Sunflowers and as many as twenty people can stand around in that field and fire as fast as they can re-load and shoot at the birds.  I know, because my Father-In law did it one year for some hunters; and he said it was to much!  He would not do it again.

Thank for your remarks.  I will contact who ever will listen, because we are losing too many good things for a few people that want it all.

Yours truly,



If people can fish on Sunday, drink on Sunday, go to adult book stores on Sunday, work on Sunday, and do pretty much ANYTHING else on Sunday, why should they not be allowed to hunt on Sunday? Raeford


I agree that if we can fish, we should also be able to hunt. I also believe the public should be allowed to vote on these issues directly.

Thanks, James


I am opposed to hunting on the Sabbath because it is my day of rest. It is the one day that my household does not have to get up while it is still dark outside. During the week we have to get up for employment and school. On Saturdays we are rudely awakened very early because of gun fire. We are unfortunate to live within the city limits but too close to areas that are not. Very early in the morning when everything is very still, the loud sound of gunfire can travel very far.

Also, we do not have to be concerned with having bullets entering our house on Sundays...for those hunters that stray from the legal areas but aren't even out on Sundays for fear of the consequences. Kathy


I think the law should stand. I live in Bladen county, which is heavily hunted.  Because we do not hunt on our property, neighbors and hunt clubs think it all the more worthwhile to erect deer stands right on our property lines. We walk our dogs on our land adjoining our home nearly every day from January 2 to October 15 for fun and for our health.  During deer season we are restricted from enjoying our own land in this manner six days of the week.    The only day we feel we can safely walk our dogs is Sunday. 

In addition, we have recently planted an orchard which requires winter-time maintenance.  I am uneasy working in the fields with the deer stands overlooking them and use Sunday for that work, so the dogs can accompany us in the fields and romp while we work.  

Thank you for reminding people through your forum that we can make a difference - by voicing our opinions to our senators and representatives today! Krista


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