Consider This: Animal Control

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

Television news is not a glamorous business. Truth is, sometimes it can be painful and downright ugly. Our reporters frequently find themselves in a position where they have to witness things that none of us really wants to see.

In Thursday's 6 p.m. newscast, we aired a report on the incredible number of pets that are euthanized every week in our area. The reporter that covered that story -- our own Sarah Warlick -- is a big-time dog lover. That's what made this the hardest story of her career. In Thursday's 11 p.m. newscast, Sarah introduced viewers to Sweet Pea the pit bull, and we showed the gentle and loving dog being put to sleep.

We know the decision to air this will make a lot of people mad. We know the switchboard will probably light up and e-mails will flood in; but that does not change our responsibility. Television news is at its best when it shines its light into the darkest of corners and exposes a problem that many of us would like to ignore.

I saw the report before it aired. I must tell you that it wasn't gruesome, but it was enormously hard to watch. I know Sarah feels the same way.  There were times when I wanted to turn my head, but maybe I've been looking away from this issue for far too long.

Viewing what happened to this loving animal forced me to pay attention to the problem and that's why, as ugly as it was, we aired the report; because only by bringing it to light, will finding solutions be possible. That's what we think. We have no doubt that you'll tell us what you think.