Waist Watchers: Part 1

WILMINGTON -- Thousands of people make a resolution to lose weight, but the vast majority of those resolutions are broken long before February 1.

But for four Wilmington residents, the push to lose weight is just getting started.

WECT's Kim Gebbia put four people to the Waist Watchers challenge.

One is a new mother, one is a brother about to attend his twin sister's wedding, one has already lost 50 pounds but hit a brick wall and needs a little more motivation, and one is a supermom who can barely find a moment for herself or for the gym.

Alton, Rosie, Tonya and Joe are facing the enemy: the scale.

Tonya, 25, weighs in at 205. As she hit the treadmill, she said she knows it's time for a change.

"I would like to have my body fat lowered," she said.

Rosie, a 30-year-old new mom, said she was ready for the scale, but was surprised when she weighed in at 174. She said she's ready to get in shape and tone up.

"The major change in eight weeks I want to be able to be on a better routine so that it's just normal to go and get it done... to be on a better schedule and to lose some weight," she said.

Alton weighs in at 228, 50 pounds lighter than last year, but he says his diet and exercise aren't working like they used to.

Joe Keiley, a reporter at WECT, weighs in at 189. He wants to lose about 15 pounds before his twin sister's wedding.

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned to WECT to learn more about each person and their struggle to stay on track, and to get tips for your own weight-loss resolutions.

Reported by Kim Gebbia