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Broken Storm Drain Has Drivers on Alert

NEW HANOVER Co. - When Wayne Lankston drove over a cracked storm drain and popped his tire, he decided he needed to do something to warn others.

But some neighbors say his fix is actually more dangerous than the broken drain itself.

Lankston piled up logs to prevent drivers from cruising over the missing grate on Old Brick Road, but some worry the logs could send a speeding driver airborne.

"Some of the kids around this neighborhood, they fly," said Sarah Kite, a resident of the area. "There's a possibility they won't see those sticks... Somebody's gonna get hurt."

But no one knows who is supposed to fix the three-foot hole.

The state Department of Transportation says it's not a state road, so it's not their responsibility. County officials say they don't service Old Brick Road.

After WECT told county officials about the sticks and broken drain cover, they said they'll send out a crew to see who owns the property.

Until then, residents must continue to dodge the logs and the hole.

Reported by Kim Gebbia

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