Post Card Collector Writing Book

CAROLINA BEACH -- Elaine Henson retired from teaching second grade, then found something else that sparked her interest, collecting postcards.

It became so much of a hobby that Arcadia Publishing approached Henson about writing part of its postcard history series. Right now the book is in its final stages.

It's not just a collection of pictures. It's a collection of stories. After selecting to feature a postcard of two beachgoers, Henson wanted to know about the women. So she asked her friend who was a former lifeguard at Carolina Beach, and he actually remembered them.

Henson found out one of the ladies is Silvia Fountain. The other went to New Hanover High School.

Now that Henson's curiosity has been satisfied, she is feeling the pressure of getting her book finished by the deadline. The book should hit shelves in May.

Reported by Bernadette Jay