Pot Hole, Logs Create Road Hazard


-- Residents of a New Hanover County neighborhood have erected a makeshift warning to keep drivers from damaging their cars.

About two weeks ago, residents of Old Brick Road, a neighborhood off River Road, discovered a cracked storm drain. It left a three foot hole in the road. Some drivers have blown out their tires or damaged their cars bumping over the hole.

Residents put logs inside the storm drain as a warning sign. Now they're worried the logs may be even more dangerous.

"Some of the kids around this neighborhood, they fly," said resident Sarah Kite. "There's a possibility they won't see those sticks. Somebody's going to get hurt."

The Department of Transporation says it's not a state road and not their responsibility. County officials say they don't service Old Brick Road. After WECT told them about the sticks and the drain, they said they'll send out a crew to see who owns the property and the broken drain. Until that happens, residents will continue to dodge the logs and the hole.

Reported by Kim Gebbia