Crime, Sewer System on Legislative Agenda


-- Child pornography and domestic violence are on the agenda when the state legislature recovenes Wednesday, but it's sewage that will be the big local issue.

One of the key issues in Wilmington is getting money to help fix the ailing sewer system.

After two major spills, city council members unanimously approved a $2.7 million project for repairs. However, the city says it will actually take $41 million to correct all the problems.

Two other big issues on the table are child crimes and domestic violence. As it stands now, people who produce child pornography are the only ones who potentially face jail time. Some legislators say the law should apply to those who distrubute it as well.

As for domestic violence, WECT spoke to Senator Julia Boseman who says "we need to protect the people who can't protect themselves." She plans to push for legislation that will make it easier for abused men and women to leave a dangerous situation.

"We can't prosecute these laws, and we can't help these victims if they're not protected under the law. Right off the bat, I can think about the important role the legislature is going to play in prosecuting domestic violence cases in general," says Assistant District Attorney Joy Alford.

Senators Boseman and Danny McComas both say this will be a busy session.

Reported by Sarah Warlick