Consider This: Ken Murphy

It's been a tough week at WECT. Seven days ago we lost a colleague, a mentor, and most importantly, a friend. Last Tuesday we learned that Ken Murphy had passed away. On Friday we had the opportunity to say our final goodbyes at his memorial service.

The pain and shock runs deep in this building, but we recognize that we are not alone. By no means do we have a monopoly on the grief created by the sudden death of this broadcasting legend. WECT alone didn't just lay claim to Ken Murphy. An entire region of people truly felt the local legend had become a part of their families.

In the last week we've heard from so many viewers who described the personal loss they felt, the loss of a friend who they invited into their homes every night. Ken retired two years ago, but you haven't forgotten him. That's probably because no matter what was happening in your own life, Ken was a constant you could always count on. In good days and in bad, he was always there for you every evening with his booming voice and reassuring smile. And he was always there for us too. The void Murphy leaves cannot be described. As much as we miss him, Ken will always be a part of WECT and of Wilmington, part of our history, part of who we are and what we do, and here at the station, part of the stories that we care about.

Our thoughts are now with his family as they face the days, weeks, and months to come without him. Finally, to our friend Ken Murphy, from all of us who got the chance to work with you, and on behalf of everyone who watched all these years, goodbye old friend. We'll miss you.