Fighting Crime From the Sky

WILMINGTON -- A plan to fight crime from the sky will take flight next week. The Wilmington Police Department's new helicopter will take its maiden flight Monday.

The public had its first look at the helicopter in May. Since then it has undergone repairs, equipment upgrades, and a fresh paint job.

It's the first of two helicopters that will be used as the Airborne Law Enforcement Unit.

Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous had experience with air units in previous jobs, and he's happy to have the help here.

"I assure you we're going to own the night. Criminals and the bad guys won't have a place to run. This will be a patrol asset for us, and we're going to have an impact with that," says Chief Evangelous.

The Leland Police Department and the Pender County Sheriff's Department have also signed on to be a part of the airborne unit.

Reported by Joe Keiley