Consider This: Car Insurance Rates

If you live in New Hanover County, don't expect any relief in your car insurance rates this year. AAA Carolinas just released its analysis of 2005 crash data, and New Hanover County is at the top of the list for the fifth year in a row with the highest ratio of crashes per vehicle mile traveled amongst North Carolina's 100 counties. 

The one bright spot in the report was that, for the first time in seven years, New Hanover County is not number one in injuries per vehicle mile traveled. That honor went to Graham County, as New Hanover County slipped to number two. That's not much cause for celebration, but at least, in that measure, we're headed in the right direction. Neighboring counties Brunswick, Pender, Columbus and Bladen fared much better.

So why are New Hanover County roads more dangerous? Officials point to several factors such as too many cars on already overcrowded streets and driver distractions like cell phone use, but the main factor seems to be a bad combination of aggressive driving practices by the county's younger drivers, like the area's many college students, versus the slower pace of the area's retirees and tourists unfamiliar with local roads.
The vast majority of accidents in New Hanover County are caused by speeding and rear-end collisions. So if we want to eliminate our standing as North Carolina's collision capital and reduce our car insurance rates, we need to slow down, stop tailgating and pay attention to the road. And if you live in Brunswick, Pender, Columbus or Bladen counties and you're coming to New Hanover County for business or pleasure, be afraid. Be very afraid.
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