Viewer Responses: New Year

Thank you!!!!!!  I heard this piece on the evening news and was grateful for WECT's insightful and well-timed focus on volunteerism.  I e-mailed a copy of the text from your website to our staff members.

As a long-time nonprofit organization in Wilmington, we are constantly seeking volunteers to help carry out our mission, from our volunteer tutors to the generous soul who is willing to stuff donation appeal envelopes.  We need so many hands and your editorial was eloquent in its appeal for people to think of others and forget about their own shortcomings.

I am a testament to the fact that your suggestion works.  My New Year's resolution in January 1990 was to give back to the community.  The Cape Fear Literacy Council appealed to my love of education and of books. Seventeen years later I am still here!  I became a volunteer tutor, then a supervising trainer, and, finally, a staff member since 2002.  Ironically, part of my job now is to recruit volunteers.

It's the most rewarding decision I ever made so I hope that others will follow your sage advice.

Best regards,

Deb Daniel

Deborah E. Daniel
Awareness & Community Relations Coordinator
Cape Fear Literacy Council
1012 S. 17th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 251-0911
"Literacy is everyone's right."