Man Escapes from Back of Police Car


A Wilmington man is back in police custody after making a quick escape.

Wilmington police say it took about six hours to track down Leroy Gaston, 41, after they say he escaped from the back of a patrol car parked at the police station.

Police say Gaston was arrested after he broke into the Honest Injun generator store on South Kerr Avenue.

The arresting officer left Gaston hand-cuffed in the back of his patrol car when he went back inside the station for missing paperwork. That's when Gaston escaped and stole a car from downtown Wilmington.

Officers found Gaston and arrested him again around 4:30 a.m. at the Seahawk Square Apartment Complex on South College Road.

Officer Warren Kennedy says it was an unfortunate event, but security measures at the new police station will help prevent this from happening again.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer