Residents Concerned About Sewer Hook-up

WILMINGTON -- New Hanover County residents living in the Middle Sound Loop area are raising concerns about being forced to connect to a sewer system that may not stand the strain.

Letters went out in September to residents telling them they would have to detach from their septic systems and join the county's system by the middle of March.

The pipes they would add would feed into the Northeast Interceptor, the same nine mile stretch of pipe that has failed numerous times in the past months.

The county says these connections don't fall under the current moratorium on new hookups to the NEI, and the additional capacity of these lines has been planned for.

But some residents want to be assured the system will work if they're spending money to be connected.

Residents who received a letter have until March 16 to get connected. A tap fee of $2,000 is required. The county says that can be paid over several years, but that's little comfort to residents who don't trust the pipeline.

Reported by Joe Keiley