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Murder Witness Threatened

WILMINGTON -- A rock thrown through a windshield appears to be the latest attempt to intimidate a witness in a Wilmington murder case.

Police say James Lamb found the rock in his car last week. Tied around the rock was a note with the word "snitch." Police say Lamb is a witness in the Reginald Dent murder case.

Prosecutors charged James Rose with Dent's murder. They say he shot and killed Dent outside a video poker store on Market Street last May, as Dent tried to stop Rose from robbing the place.

Rose is in jail awaiting trial.

According to police reports, Lamb says this is the third or fourth time he's found a threatening note on his car.

Local prosecutors say it's a rare occasion when they are able to prosecute someone who is charged with victim intimidation.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer

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