Cleaning Up Belville

BELVILLE -- Main Street in Belville has seen a devastating fire, drug busts and other crime in the past few months. Now city officials are trying to turn over a new leaf for a new year.

The mayor and the community are starting a movement to clean up the area and get rid of the major eyesores such as abandoned buidlings, cars and RVs. They hope to renovate Main Street, which has not seen any changes in more than ten years.

The mayor says many city codes have not been enforced in the past, and now they are cracking down on even the most minor offenses.

"You see some of the buildings here and I think our code enforcement officer said it best, nature has begun to reclaim some of the buildings. There is so much potential here from the area we are standing in now all the way down to the Brunswick River, a huge amount of potential to put northeast Brunswick County on the map," says Mayor David Long.

City officials say the burnt down Town and Country Motel is one of the worst eyesores in town, but they can't touch a piece of the debris because it's currently in the hands of the federal government. After a fire destroyed the motel in October, U.S. Marshals seized the land. Now it sits as a burnt blemish on Main Street.

Until the town can clean the motel debris up, they're going to take the clean up process one abandoned building or deserted RV at a time.

Reported by Kim Gebbia